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Colo-X Africa offer experienced perspectives on the retail colocation market. Clients find our unique ‘view from the street’ a valuable alternative to the usual ‘top down’ approach. Our insight and analysis is available through our bespoke consultancy services.

Examples of bespoke consultancy services from Colo-X Africa

  • Acquisition due diligence: market background, supply-and-demand pictures, pricing history and trends, key operator analysis, and the identification of key ecosystems
  • Strategic analysis: market structure and SWOT analysis
  • Telecom and network analysis: suitability of sites regarding network potential,  and the proximity or availability of local fibre resources and carriers

Examples of recent Colo-X consultancy projects

  • Helping a UK consolidator assess the potential aquisition of a significant data centre asset
  • Offering strategic advice and perspectives to an independent UK colocation provider
  • Presenting market pricing perspectives and supply/demand analysis to potential investors
  • Researching telecom network sites in and around London for a US operator

Colo-X analysis iconWhy consult Colo-X

Since 1999, Colo-X has closed countless colocation transactions with the broadest possible set of providers in the UK and European colocation marketplace. This extensive on-going experience plays a vital and valuable role in our opinions and insights.

Besides closing colocation deals every month (which typically range from 1 to 20 racks) we attend numerous site visits and sales presentations. Often this is to accompany potential buyers as they assess their options. In fact, we have more experience in closing deals in certain facilities than the operators’ official sales personnel. (Many data centre sales people have been with the operator for significantly less time than we’ve been selling their facility and services).

Our research and analysis are therefore based on actual transactions, not unverified list prices and our database of price points  now provides a detailed history through a number of business cycles in the data centre industry.

Furthermore, the directors of Colo-X also run a niche colocation business in London through which they spend around £1m per year on colocation services. This provides us with further hard facts and first-hand experience that go even further to help shape our market opinions and perspectives.

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